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We are only a 30-minute drive to the west entrance of Big Bend National Park. Our campground is located in the North Corazones area of Terlingua Ranch! Our property is loaded with native desert flora, including creosote, a few scattered mesquite trees, and a lone ocotillo. We are nestled in an area with picture-perfect views of Nine Point Mesa, Jack Eden Mesa, the Corazones, and Turtle Mountain, and have one of the best spots for stargazing at night. We’re just 20 minutes from Terlingua Ranch Lodge and Pool and Bad Rabbit Cafe. 


Living in the desert has brought a lot of peace into our lives. Upon arriving we weren’t sure what to think other than it was absolutely beautiful. As time went by we found a strong connection to the land, the quietness and the sound of nature all around. We are overcome with tranquility and a repeated sigh of relief every time we take a drive in any direction. It didn’t take long for us to want to share these experiences with whomever we could connect with.

Enjoy the peace  & quiet

The Hippie Crippler Ranch - Big Bend National Park
The Hippie Crippler Ranch - Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park West Entrance – 30 minutes

Study Butte – 25 minutes

Terlingua Ghost Town – 30 minutes

Lajitas Golf Resort – 40 minutes

Big Bend Ranch State Park West Entrance – 45 minutes

We may be half an hour away from the local towns and parks but you get to camp in pure nature. No loud cars zooming by, and The Ranch is not an over populated campground. Imagine hiking all day, especially if you’re visiting during a busy season, and all you want to do is get back to the peace and quiet of your camp. Well we provide just that!

Big Bend National Park
Terlingua Ghost Town
Study Butte
Big Bend Ranch State Park
Lajitas Golf Resort

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