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Meet the roamin’ rods

About Us

Greetings! We are Maria and Tanya Rodriguez. One day we decided to change our everyday lives. We ditched the “8 to 5 rat race, living for the weekends, spending more time with our coworkers” life! That life was just not for us. We said adios to what we’ve always known, and hola to what’s in front of us!

Tanya has over a decade of medical experience working in the ER, Medical-Surgical department, and Hospice. She has seen her fair share of death and sadness, so walking away from that career to live a more fulfilling life was quite possibly the easiest decision she has had to make. Maria, a trained environmental scientist, and science communicator have left behind a dead-end, shift work laboratory job. Being able to see this world, and observing foreign ecosystems, biomes, and cultures made this decision easy for Maria as well. She is ready to communicate science to whoever wants to listen.

Since 2019, we became full-time RVers and sold everything to travel the country. Our first summer season was spent in Wyoming working on a dude guest ranch. Next, we signed up for The Unbeetable Experience in Minnesota, followed by a golf resort in Lajitas, Texas, for our first winter gig. It was because we took a winter job that we ended up in the wild wild west of Big Bend. Here we are, 4 years later! There is something magical about the desert and all it has to offer. You must visit at least once if you haven’t already. You know what a special place this is if you’ve been here before and are returning. When you stay at the ranch, we hope to meet many of you. We don’t live on the property, but we are nearby in case you need anything. Thank you for visiting and considering us for your accommodations. 

Happy Camping!

Tanya & Maria


Boquillas Canyon
Seattle, WA - Maria & Tanya

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