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Big Bend of Texas

Respect the Land

Perhaps you have visited Big Bend before or maybe it is your first time. Our area of the desert is filled with people who own property or live permanently here. Our request is that you be respectful of others’ property since most of it is private. In Texas, there is no BLM land to roam on, so many locals have to remind tourists that they have crossed private property lines. 

It is possible to irreversibly damage cacti, flora and delicate ground by driving over land and not on designated roads. Our hope is that you enjoy and love the grand Big Bend of Texas as much as we do! The sun rises and sets all while we make memories out here. There is nothing like escaping the daily routine and being surrounded by nature in the desert! 

Big Bend



Check the roads before you set out on your daily ventures. Rain can show up unexpectedly and cause flooding in certain areas of the park and Big Bend area. 


Strong winds are notorious for showing up unannounced. Make sure you have your camp tied down and secured. If you have an awning we advise to always roll it in when leaving your site. 


Always check the temperatures before heading out on a hike. Do not underestimate the SUN!!!


Double check your water and snacks! Some hikes can be surprisingly strenuous and can deplete your provisions and energy faster than expected. Always tell someone which hike you are heading out on, even if they are family/friends back home. 


Cell service is very limited in this area of Texas, especially inside Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park. 


Drink plenty of water during your visit to the Big Bend. Staying hydrated is extremely important! We see too many tourist underestimate the sun and fail to intake enough of water and electrolytes.